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  1:1 coaching calls 
  Progress assessments 
  Suggested resources based on personal needs
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Understanding of how to best utilize your strengths

Identified growth areas

Clarity on your goals and path forward

Full confidence in your abilities

Strategies and tools to tackle problems


Believe a greater vision for yourself is possible

Have a strong desire to grow professionally and personally

Feel stuck and unsure of your next step

Want help achieving your dreams

Are committed to putting in the work required to make changes


Greater confidence

Restored sense of purpose

Clarity on career path

Leadership advancement

Increased income

Stronger professional relationships

Greater opportunities

Increased effectiveness

What you get out of this coaching program largely depends on how much you put into it. 

You already have everything you need to be successful and happy. My job as a coach is to guide and help you dig deep to discover your true potential, your mindset blocks, and create a plan with you to achieve your personal and professional development goals.

Schedule a complimentary 20 minute strategy call with me below to test it out for yourself. 

Master Your Influence

Gain Credibility, Get Noticed, Make An Impact
6 Core Pillars. Dozens Of Powerful Techniques.

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"Sonia has forward-thinking vision and dreams that inspire and encourage others to push the envelope. Thanks to her coaching, I have challenged myself in new ways and learned to ask better questions of myself and others around me when seeking improvement and growth. She has great ideas, but perhaps more importantly, she knows how to help others discover and develop their own great ideas. She has helped me discover my strengths, step out of my comfort zone, and grow personally and professionally."

Melissa M.
Director of Quality

"I have gained confidence in myself now. I was plagued with imposter syndrome. I’ve grown so much with Sonia in the last few months vs. with the organization I’ve been with for 5 years. I learned business skills but more so, Sonia helped me believe in myself. I can’t say how many times I had thought about leaving my company, but I couldn’t. But Sonia provided me this clarity I just did not have on my own. I don’t know what kind of magic she does, but Sonia has a way of helping you gain clarity on your next steps and get you to where you need to go. Sonia’s level of empathy and ability to connect combined with her sharpness, made the difference. The interview prep was also stellar. She taught me not only how to get the job, but also how to negotiate an offer which got me an additional $18,000 and 40% increase in salary. There are no words to describe how this coaching program changed my life, literally. A few months ago, I was stuck in a negative work situation. Now my problem is choosing between job offers from two top companies! "

Rachna P.
Management Consultant

"Sonia provides quality and insightful coaching. She is in touch with the current corporate and shares a human side when providing coaching. As a current mid-career healthcare professional her advice was highly intuitive, useful, and practical. She consistently made herself available for coaching and is passionate about helping individuals achieve their personal and professional goals."

Vivek G.
Business Consultant

"Over the past 8 months I have been part of a Lean Leader training and Sonia has been my coach. From the beginning of the program I was excited about having Sonia as a a coach because of her contagious energy, bright outlook and expertise in process improvement. Throughout my training Sonia has demonstrated her commitment to my success in the program. She has shown strength in leadership through her ability to mentor and coach me with a style that has helped me grow as a Lean Leader in the organization."

"Sonia is a great listener, and is extremely insightful. Her ability to ask the right questions and to make me think about the approach to data collection, or the way data collected is interpreted, to make continual improvements, has provided me with tools that I’ll be able to use in my current role and future roles."

"I feel humbled and fortunate to have had Sonia as a coach. She shares a similar drive and enthusiasm for life long learning, and growth and development through collaboration. She has had a huge impact on my career development through this training and will get to do so for many others."

David B.
Associate Director

"Sonia is an amazing coach and an even more amazing person. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life. She has helped me work through issues that have been holding me back in my career and personal life and create new ways of looking at difficult situations."

Jo B.
Data Center Manager

"I wanted to take a moment and thank Sonia K. Singh for being an outstanding coach. I just accepted an offer that has exceeded any exceptions I could have had. My career has been revitalized and I’m so excited to perform in my role. Without Sonia, I would not have gotten this offer. Sonia helped me throughout the process. Sonia helped me to reimagine my resume and Linked In profile. Sonia helped me during the interview phases by letting me know what the CIO was looking for. And finally, Sonia helped me during the offer phase. Not only did I get more in my offer, but I got the guarantee I was working towards an even greater position. Thank you, Sonia. I’ve learned so much from you in this process. I can’t wait to have you as my coach as I move forward in this new stage of my career."

Ian C.
IT Director

"This woman is incredible at what she does! Her heart and her presence are powerful. She is world-class at what she does. I nailed an interview because of the tips she gave me. This woman ROCKS. "

Nathan S.

Client Testimonials


Through our leadership workshops and talks, we've helped hundreds of amazing leaders at some of the best companies in the U.S.

"The experience and energy Sonia brings inspires and influences current and aspiring healthcare leaders to new levels. We were privileged to have her facilitate our first virtual leadership panel discussion, which set the bar for future programs." - David Bettencourt, Career Development Committee Co-Chair

"Sonia's Influence workshop to our engineering staff was high energy, interactive, and will help get to the next level." - Geoff Willis

"This (Unleash the Leader Within) was one of the best talks we've had at Apple." - Anuj Dalal

“Sonia has a way of boiling down the hard concepts in life, those obfuscated by the busy day-to-day activities that keep us from healthy reflection on where we are vs. where we need to go. Having attended many of Sonia’s workshops, I can confirm that she is on point with her content.” – Ginger Weeden


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